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At Whole Baking Company we know that wholesome natural ingredients sourced locally yield the purest, simplest, and most delicious cookies, granola, and assorted other baked goods. We use free-range eggs instead of eggs from caged hens because we strongly believe that free-range eggs are healthier and more ethical than eggs from caged hens. We use locally-sourced pure honey because the local honey is delicious but also because such honey is chock full of antibodies to help stimulate your immune system to ward off locally-spreading germs and viruses. Locally-sourced oats and wheat support local family farms and result in lower carbon emissions due to lower transport requirements. Poland is a country with some of the best fruits in the world such as apples, plums, and cranberries, and we are committed to sourcing such fruits locally. Butter from Poland’s Mazurian district - the green lungs of Poland -provides the cows with healthy living conditions and adequate pastureland to forage on. And in the food industry, healthy plants and animals and minimal processing produce the tastiest ingredients with the highest amount of active substances such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. And such products give us, the consumers, positive energy and the right fuel to power us both mentally and physically through the day.

But no worries. We realize that not all ingredients necessary to make certain products grow in Poland. Therefore, we import unrefined cane sugar and other exotic ingredients for use in some of our products. Why unrefined cane sugar? Because unrefined sugar is minimally-processed and contains essential minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium. Refined white sugar contains calories but absolutely no nutrients. Much more regarding the benefits of unrefined sugar is in the Ingredients section.

And could you imagine a peanut butter cookie without peanuts? We can’t. That’s why we import peanuts. But we don’t use peanuts that have been roasted in oil and salt. That would be against our principles. And who could imagine a chocolate cookie without cocoa and semi-sweet chocolate chunks? Not us. We use 100% cocoa to deliver pure chocolate flavor in our chocolate cookies, and we add a liberal dose of semi-sweet chocolate chunks for an additional chocolate boost.

This is just a sampling of the ingredients we use to deliver the tastiest and purest baked goods to you and your family. Please see the Products and Ingredients sections for much more information on what differentiates our products.

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