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At Whole Baking Company, we produce each product by hand because we believe that it results in the highest quality and purest products possible.

These days most farmers and food manufacturers in developed countries, and increasingly in Poland as well, focus on efficiency first and foremost, compromising certain aspects of product quality. Such mentality was first seen in the erroneously-named Green Revolution in most Western countries, in which pesticide, herbicide, and artificial fertilizer use grew dramatically. Yields also increased dramatically during this period, but produce decreased in nutritional value. The green revolution led to factory farming, in which farms were run like factories to standardize products and drive efficiency to the detriment of overall quality. Simultaneously, food manufacturing facilities strove and continue to strive to greater efficiencies via the increasing use of chemical and mechanical processing aides. They have accomplished their goal of efficiency and standardization, resulting in a plethora of standardized and cheap but nicely-packaged junk food products on supermarket shelves.

Whole Baking Company has taken a step back to bring you baked goods produced in a more traditional way, in which care is taken to provide our consumers products that are more like our grandmothers made. And our great grandmothers. We don’t believe in artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. We don’t believe in factory-farmed products. We don’t believe in importing ingredients from afar that can be produced locally. We don’t believe in highly-processed ingredients stripped of their nutrients. We don’t believe in efficiency to the detriment of quality. But we do believe in baked goods that are PURE, SIMPLE, and DELICIOUS.
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